We have one infant class with a maximum four kids to one teacher. The age accepted is from  6 weeks and up. We provide any doctor prescribed formula and baby food at the time the kids are ready to have it. The love and care is the most important teacher's duty . Our staff  will meet all your infant's need.


​1 Year Old Class

One year old children , toddlers, are in the age where they want to explore everything.  Toddlers usually are learning to walk and they need enough space to move to develop physical skills. Teachers supported by a curriculum and educational toys create a lot of fun activities that make your kids enjoy and learn at  the same time.


​2 Year Old Preschool Class

Our two years old teacher works to develop language, comprehension, motor and  social skills through the circle time, phonics program, music, art, reading and free play. This classroom has direct access to the restrooms and the teacher assists kids  in the potty training process.

​3 Year Old Preschool Class

The three years old class has daily activities like mathematics, writing, reading, music, language, and free play. Through our curriculum our students learn comprehension, social and motor skills. The  energy of the children is drained  taking them twice per day to the playground ( 30-40 minutes each time, one at the morning and one in the afternoon).   

 Pre-K program (pre-kindergarten/VPK)
Our Pre-K is free.  Pre-K classes are Monday to Friday  from 8:00 am to 11:00 am  although you can bring your child since we open (6:30am) until 12 pm for free. On this time the breakfast and lunch are included for free too.  Our Pre-K program gives  children  learning on literacy, vocabulary, math, social, gross and fine motor skills. The children finish the program  children finish the program well prepared and  ready to start kindergarten with knowledge and confidence.


Before & After School program

 This program can be before & after school care , or separated any of them. It includes transportation , meals , assist with homework , and  recreative activities . The caring before school starts at 630 am, having plenty time to have breakfast ,  and the caring after school finishes at 630 pm , with two snacks (one when the children get from school, and a second at 515 pm). 

Summer Camps.

Our Summer program is very popular because we do daily field  trips to different places like parks, movie theaters , swimming pools, skating and bowling . Also the Children spend their time do art activities, games, dance , sing and much more. We provide all meals and snacks. 

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